Services That Bring You Ease

Decisions during pregnancy can be overwhelming. I provide doula services to help make decisions easier throughout the entire process.

Birth Doula Services

Before Delivery

I will meet you for two prenatal visits. The first is to gather information, and discuss your concerns and preferences for the birth. We will work together to formulate a birth plan, if one hasn’t been written yet, or discuss the birth plan that has been written. I will offer resources to assist with any of your concerns.

The second meeting should be held during the last month of your pregnancy. We will go over comfort measures that I can provide and ways your partner can assist you in early labor. I will answer any questions and go over procedures for contacting me once you are in early labor.

I will be available on-call (24 hours, 7 days a week) for two weeks prior to your due date. Please contact me at the early onset of your labor in order for me to have time to reach you at your home or the hospital/birth center. If labor starts prior to 38 weeks, I will still be available. In the event that I cannot attend your birth due to some unforeseen circumstances, a backup doula will be provided that I will compensate directly.

I will provide unlimited phone, text and e-mail support throughout pregnancy and early labor. I will also provide access to my lending library of books to support your learning.

At Time of Delivery

I will plan to meet you within 60-90 minutes from the time you request my presence. I will remain with you throughout the labor and up to two hours after the birth. You will receive continuous support through the labor whether vaginal or C-Section. This includes comfort measures that we discussed earlier, communication with the staff to make sure you have the information needed for any decisions that arise during labor, and reassurance to you and your partner. As your doula, my attention and care is for you, not the caregiver or hospital.

After Delivery

I will remain with you up to two hours post birth. I will make sure you are comfortable and ready for quiet time with your new family. I will help with initial breastfeeding as needed. I can stay with you if your partner needs to leave temporarily to gather things or pick up other family members. Within the next 2 weeks, we can talk on phone but I will also make a home visit to discuss your birth experience and any other needs.

Postpartum Doula Services

I will provide support in your home in a variety ways at an hourly rate. Such support could include breastfeeding or bottle feeding assistance, care of baby (children) so mom can sleep, light meals or housework, running errands, and general education of taking care of new baby.

This kind of support should be scheduled a week (or more) ahead in two hour intervals. It can be cancelled at any time.

Looking for Something Specific?

If there is something that you would like to have from a doula that I did not mention, I would love to talk with you and see how I can assist you.

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