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Providing doula services to bring peace of mind for parents-to-be in SE Minnesota including Red Wing, Rochester and the SE Metro area.

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Why Have a Doula?

All of the decisions that have to be made during pregancy can be overwhelming. A doula can help the mother have a more fulfilling birth experience by providing emotional and physical non-stop support during the labor process. We act as the mother’s advocate. We offer reassurance and support to enhance the mother’s natural laboring abilities. A doula does not replace the mother’s partner, but will provide support to them.

My Birth Philosophy

Every mother deserves to have a doula or support person present as she goes through this wonderful, but possibly scary event. One of the best things a doula can do is to help alleviate the fear factor and lead the mother through a peaceful birth of her baby. I will be there through the whole birth to assist the mother to have the best birth experience possible. I will be supportive of the decisions you make and will not pass judgment on your choices. This is your birth and I will empower you (and your partner) to be the best you can possibly be.

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A Little About Me

I am Rhonda McKim CD(DONA). I am a 50-something mom of three wonderful adult children and a grandma to a new granddaughter. I started my doula training in February 2018 after deciding I wanted to fill the last of my working years with something more fulfilling than just doing accounting work. I recertified with DONA at the end of 2021. I also continue to provide volunteer doula services to a couple different health centers.

I thoroughly enjoy being a doula. All the families that I’ve assisted have added something new to my practice and my skills. I try to give parents the confidence and encouragement they need during this special time in their life. Each birth is unique and glorious and I’m blessed to be a part of them. Let’s talk and see if I can be your doula mama.